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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does the club meet?
    We meet at our location in the Myrtle Beach Mall (Store #08). It is inside the mall next to Bass Pro Shops.
  2. How often does the club meet?
    SEE HOME PAGE FOR CURRENT HOURS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We meet during open hours to run trains and talk with the visitors. Members may come to the club whenever the mall is open. Groups of members will schedule informal meetings to operate or perform maintenance on the layouts. Members are requested to lock up and leave 15 minutes before mall closing time.   
  3. What do you do at meetings?
    Meetings don’t have a specific pattern, but generally trains always get to run. If members need help with some aspect of the hobby and there is usually an expert present, then a small training session might begin. Maintenance is a constant need because of our show schedule so maintenance chores are done on the layout when needed.
  4. I don’t have a model railroad layout of my own. Can I still join?
    Many members don’t have layouts for various reasons. The combined effort of club members provides us with a place to enjoy our hobby. Club membership puts you in contact with some very talented members with a lot of modeling expertise.
  5. I don’t have any special modeling skills.
    You won’t be the only one. Some of our members have special skills in certain areas, but no one is an expert on everything. As the old saying goes, “It takes all kinds of people to run a railroad” and our railroad is no different. Everyone learns from everyone else.
  6. What gauge or scale are the club layouts?
    We have layouts for G, HO, N, O and Z scale. These are the most popular “sizes” of model railroad.
  7. What “Activities” does the club participate in?
    Workshops and performing maintenance on the layout. Running the trains and showing off how much fun we are having.
  8. Can I run my trains on the layout?
    Certainly, with club permission, accompanied by a mentor, and if your equipment is compatible with our layout and electronics.
  9. I like to do things other than run trains, like building structures and landscapes. Does that fit in?
    Certainly, the layout is constantly evolving. If your interest is in some other aspect of the hobby we can find a place for your talents. Most of the buildings have been provided by members. It’s your layout.
  10. What are the requirements for becoming / being a member?
    Attend meetings, participate in club projects such as shows and pay your dues. Every member is expected to contribute in some way that helps the club. Then you can run trains, add scenery, clean track, etc. as your time and desires allow.
  11. How old do I have to be to join?
    Sixteen (16) is considered the minimum to be a voting member of the club. However, those younger than 16 can participate as an associate or family member if a parent/ guardian/relative is a member and present.
  12. Are there any requirements for members?
    The operation of the layout, participation in shows and the generation of revenue to finance club needs are an ongoing process. This means that as a group we benefit from having a spectacular layout available for our use, but at the same time everyone must contribute. This means participation, not only for the operation sessions during a show, but helping with setup and take-down as well. Assisting others with maintenance of the layout, even if it’s only holding a light or lending a hand to one of the experts. That’s also an excellent time to learn more about the layout and the club.
    About the only thing we really require is that you play well with others. You aren’t required to keep any equipment on the layout or clean so many feet of track per month. There is no seniority system to run on the layout. All members have the same rights to run on the layout.
    We do ask that you help out wherever and however you can. There’s plenty to do, either on the layout or related to any of the club’s activities, but the first step is to come to meetings.
  13. How much are dues?
    Dues are $15.00 per month,  payable annually or quarterly for an individual, full-time (FT) membership.  In addition there is a one-time $25 initiation fee to join the club.  Part-time (PT) memberships are available to those who do not reside in the area year-round. Those members pay quarterly dues only for those quarters during which they are here. Lockers are also available for a nominal monthly fee.    
  14. How do I get started? 
    Join us at the next meeting or public operating session. Bring your locomotive if you like and we’ll get started. New members need to find their own “niche” within the club. You never know how some skill, knowledge, tool, or relationship you have may be of use to the club, and the gift you have may not be in the form of modeling skill.  If you wish to submit an application, click HERE, print the document, fill it out and mail it in or bring it to the club.
    Model railroading is a very diversified hobby. Some people attempt to grasp all of it while others tend to specialize. This could include bench work, construction electrical, electronics, scenery, weathering, operations, building structures, history and much more. There is something here for just about everyone who enjoys trains.